Year of yin: surrender

Self Study

June is that feeling when your rib cage finally cracks open & love pours out. Rushing over the rocky bed you have lain parched. It burbles up out of your dusty bones filled with new vigor for life. Collecting unexpectedly calm in the pools of my eyes. Deep & undisturbed. Reflecting back the dark & stormy sky with placid surface. It overflows the dams I’ve built up to channel the flow out of the way of my delicate secrets. It carves through my mountain face new crows feet life lines. It fills my heart with fierce white foam, rapidly ecstatic, crushing dead branches & lost ships in its path. It drops my stomach suddenly off the edge of perception raining down torrents of secret pleasure & welled up inspiration. My babbling brook turned tidal wave tongue as the very shore cups ear to listen. Deep resonance reaching far out past…

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