Am I the only one who sold his soul without knowing the outcome?

My bones lack empathy for the crows that wish to feed off of them.

I’m not ready to go yet. Decaying can wait.

The bottom isn’t the lowest I’ve been. I assure you that hell isn’t the end either.

The negative space between hell and nothing creates a home for us.

It draws me in further into its depths, sirens singing false promises of silence and stifled pain.

I’m drawn to that chaos like ice is drawn to hearts.

I kept trying to melt these frozen veins with no luck to stop the blizzard.

The world around me lied and said that god had a plan for sinners.

I stopped believing that lie to start reaping what I had sown.

I’ve never needed to know the why, just who had known.

Who watched me poison the opportunity to seek death?

Maybe I can will my strength enough for a single breath.

But I can’t do this alone.

I can’t do this alone.

I can’t do this alone.

Loneliness is now a choice, but I’ll be dead before I realize I’m the only one left.

I set fire to heaven. Burn it slow.

From dust to dirt, I lose sleep every night.

But I’m framed in this perfect painting, so being a ghost can’t be right.

Give time for the oils to dry. Don’t let me wither away.

I don’t need your prayers, just your heart.

I can feel the heat of the sun. It’s not a myth.

I don’t need your warmth, just your heart.

Stand next to me and watch the sun swallow the sky.

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