Now I’ve been beaten, broken and shattered. Tattered these clothes off my limbs. Broke my neck on the fall down from abyss to more abyss. But these things have a way of changing don’t they? Like looking through a kaleidoscope just less colorful and more gray. These words have a way of repeating themselves. It’s like I snatch them from the depths of my soul dragging them across my teeth on the way out. Shouting the same phrases into the open, hoping that someone would hear. Because that’s all I hear. All I hear is the fear of commitment but I expect it in return. Like screaming words high into the mountains, only to hear them come crashing back to my ears, just more dissonant. We can’t make love with all this noise. We can’t make broken more beautiful by breaking it more. You see, life is already a tragedy full of grace. Why make it hurt any more? I’ve taken every step to be alone when all I want is togetherness. So weave your fingers under my skin and attach them like roots. Slide along my blood vessels and make sure your hands find what they’re searching for. Cause I’ve been feeling like I needed someone like you. And when you feel like climbing off the pedestal I’ve placed you on, just know that I only see you. I’ll be at the end of your way down. No more back doors held open, no more exits. I’m ready to dive in heart first and let life run it’s course over me. The devil and god can keep fighting in my head. I may have been shattered before, but you keep my flame alight. You keep me upright and shut down my premeditated plans running away. I’m tired of fading away, burning out, losing myself in the process. I’m entirely ready for a new way to live. Trusting in the process, guide me to higher places. Lead me back to love.

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