Almost Giants


We found each other in a crowded room.

Locked arms and danced our pain into beauty.

Spun around like little tornadoes, not needing any reasons but just to do it.

The things I should’ve said slowly slipped away.

Out of my head, out of my mind.

Burned like our clothes caught fire because we were young.

Hotter than the sun but darker than the space stars call home.

I ran out of tricks and lies, couldn’t convince you that my storm was only temporary.

Tried to hold each other together when it all fell apart.

I became an obligation, couldn’t be left alone.

Became too much, far and away your worst decision.

We started sleeping away the days, backs facing each other.

Begged the night to feed us our fix.

Bit the hand every single time.

Started carrying around baggage filled with old skeletons.

Obsessed with the wonder of what life could be, we never had a chance.

Tried swallowing up the flame, acting like we were normal.

Damage takes its little chips and cracks over time.

Everything ends in a car crash.

Now I’m spilling my guts in the doorway, afraid to lose out.

You realize you can’t fill all of our fissures.

I realize some things happen that should not.

We’ve been living on borrowed time that was never ours to have.

All things pass.

Beyond my understanding, beyond my little control.

The things I should say slowly slip away.

It makes you feel something, you leave the way you came

Because we care enough to hurt this much.

You can be just memories.

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