We sat on the concrete of your basement floor.

The silent conversation making waves across our fragile skin.

You longed to feel that rush, I longed to feel anything at all.

Staring into the eyes of someone old, face to face with new habits.

It wasn’t the cold making us shiver.

We learned that the fire burned down a while ago.

Yet, we’re still here, breathing false hope into each others’ lungs.

Is it that our minds stay distant from our skin?

Because the language our bodies speak is far from the truth.

Turn me down, I flew too high.

Spending my lows lower with you at night.

We’ve become strangers to all our comforts, pulled apart at the seams.

Yesterday you said I had a devil in me.

I told you to leave and never come back.

Still fell asleep in the same bed. Woke up with an ache in my head.

I used to be your centerpiece, had me wrapped around your ring.

But you’re the one that used to shine.

Rough around your edges but still a masterpiece.

Now, the bottle on the nightstand seems to be the only glimmer of hope.

We continue to trade away our love for neglect.

And I can’t keep doing this to you.

I still have to fulfill getting lost but you can have a way out.

Pull the covers over your shoulder like a shield.

There’s no note to leave if I’m giving you the chance to breathe.

You’ll miss the chance at forever, but you won’t miss me.

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