I am encased in light and warmth.

Untouched by grace and yet, still saved.

The land of milk and honey has escaped my grasp.

But in return my hands no longer shake.

Gone are the false sentiments I chose to believe in.

Tipping the scales in my favor, I’ll give it all away.

I promise.

Bathe me in the fire, I’ve never been more ready.

I’ve watched mountains sink into the sea, landslides all in my thoughts.

What’s unmoving can be moved, will be moved.

I’ve bent my knee to false gods, thinking that I would be redeemed.

What’s done can be undone, will be undone.

I dug for days, watching my hands turn to bleeding leather.

Thought heaven and hell were the same, thought they were inside me.

Wrapped up in temporary fixes, the solution hung overhead.

I just couldn’t remove my eyes from the sight.

What once was dead now lives, breathes.

I fell in love with your ghost, couldn’t resist the haunting.

But spirits stay only for a bit, then are gone before we can find the meaning.

What is life without death?

It exists beyond immeasurable doubt that it’s not all in my head.

I sought validation for the pain but I never knew the way.

Shape me, mold me into something I can use.

Hang me from the moon, let me feel in some way.

Let the sun reflect its light off me, let me shine.

I promise this won’t be the last time.

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