I’ve cleaned out every closet but left yours untouched.
Been feeling this lately, so let the low tones carry me down.
To the floor, I don’t even know anymore.
Direction doesn’t matter when you have none.
We promised to bury parts of us to savor the memories.
I never let go and kept them clutched to my chest.
Self-obsessed with no hope for rest.
Savor this: I’m alone but feel right at home.
Made my sanctuary into a tomb.
Painted my life with gray and gloom.
I keep pushing the thought of you away.
Only to have it come back as clear as day.
Head rush and I’m starting to clear the dust.
Been swimming in my head for far too long.
I keep day dreaming, wishing I had more reasons.
To say my goodbyes and make peace with this war.
I’ve never felt more hollow spending time with ghosts.
Closing in, ready to remind me of the weight.
The weight of wondering where my life was going
when yours came to its end.
The weight of knowing I can’t sleep without time
looming over where it all began.
Two feet in the grave, hands reaching towards the sky.
Meet me in the dark where I truly come alive.

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