Down the poison, lick the wounds.
I am a ghost, one you will meet soon.
It’s a new dawn.
Where you’re the beginning and I’m the end.
Kiss the ground because this is the dirt that will bury you.
You drove a spike through my family.
Burn all the pictures, I’ve never been more free.
I’ll tear apart your safe haven, brick by brick.
Do I make you sick?
Anger and apathy dripping from my lips.
A true vision, a replica of your shade.
Do I make you afraid?
You’ve bitten off more than you can chew.
I’ll make you know the hell I’ve been through.
I’m done with the mind games, fists make fists.
And on your way down I’ll take off your false crown.
You hold no power over me, I’ve bled all that I can bleed.
I’m spilling over, overflowing with venom.
Burning away all your thoughts from my mind.
I feel I’m starting to crack, I’ll never look back.
You built me out of this home.
Now watch your dream fade to salt and stone.
Closing in, I’m the serpent, the harbinger of death.
And when your last breath is about to escape, I’ll take flight.
Revenge tastes only sweet when it’s a fair fight.
And your just a shell of the man I feared for so long.
If hell won’t have you, walk the earth with this thought:
You can’t destroy me, you never will.

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