back-view-backlit-calm-waters-590141 (2)
Tell me which side you’re on, I’m on.
Did I cross the line, hiding underground?
I kept your photograph next to my chest.
To let you know that I was still breathing.
So tell me what you know about leaving, leaving.
Did you leave pieces of you behind without me?
I’m feeling used but I guess that’s just me and you.
How it always seems to work out this way.
To tell you the truth, there’s nothing I can do.
How we always fight in our selfish games.
Now you told me I was better off alone.
That everything broken couldn’t be mended.
I was never here to stay.
Yeah, you told me that things would never change.
I will always be the same.
You went up in flames and walked away.
So I packed my bags, went a separate way.
Things don’t happen the way they’re supposed to.
I left that place broken and alone.
Now I live an illustrated nightmare.
Survived through postcards and empty letters.
I guess I had thought there would’ve been more.
Some things I wasn’t told, had never known.
Parts of me remind me of you.
Someday soon summer will bring the sun.
I don’t care for the warmth.
Just for the feeling of not feeling so numb.
I hope to come home in one piece.
Not so ragged like the white flag I fly.
And I dream of brighter days.
Where this counterfeit heaven is gone.
And only you remain.

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