..Into the Black

The world is a cruel place.
Not bending to the likes of fairness or justice.
I’ve taken all I can take. Sweating out my righteous mind.
You put on the song and dance, the authorities really bought it.
Good, build that ego, build that pedestal.
The bigger they are, the harder you fall.
Maybe if it was up to me, you wouldn’t stand on your own two feet.
Maybe if it was up to me, you would be rotting away alone.
But here we are, hands tied behind my back.
Drifting ever so close to the knife you left there.
Have it cut through these ropes and returned to its rightful owner.
You claim to have no part in the molding of me.
So disgusting, so pathetic, so easily the image you see of yourself.
I hope that self-hatred burns a hole right through your chest.
See, I have to be the better man. Sit back, write, bide my time.
They say the pen is mightier than the sword.
But if I continue to watch this injustice play out in your favor, I’ll make my own odds. Roll the dice, take the chance.
The only thing that matters is that I see this through to the end.
No harm, no foul, no guilt, no conscience.
Just know that fear does not control me.
The holds you had on me have all been blown apart.
Ripped off piece by decaying piece.
I’d rather die fighting for what I believed, than to live a sheltered life on my knees.
No more shriveling, no more wilting, no more weakness.
I used to feel useless.
I’ve taken these steps to bring me to a higher plane.
One where hope lives on, and the past dies off.
I’ve watched you bring darkness over me, shrouding the love I need to share.
Rain fists, shower insults. It’ll all end in despair.
Stop searching for a refuge to lay your blame.
When the lie you built falls apart, it’ll only be yours to claim.
And when that day comes, the day that brings you to your knees.
I want you to beg, I want you to grovel, I want you to know my pain.
I won’t feed your pity, feed into another game.
I’ll turn the other cheek and leave you where your supposed to be.
Showing you mercy you don’t deserve.
Just know, that it’s for me and never for you.

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