The straight line drawn from you to me is blurred. But poor me, I have been burned.
It’s all in my head. Confusion, a flawed reality mocked and scorned by your delusion.
Narcissism, self-deception, your downfall leaves you empty-headed.
The shadows you swept me into became the place I called my own.
Hone my strength, decide my fate, bide my time until I illuminate.
Stacked my bitterness brick by brick, prepared for the pain I want to inflict.
But I came to my senses, spoiled my absence. Clawed my way back into existence.
Found out that I was something more. More than whatever threats you swore.
It seems like respect was the most important. But all I’ve been to you is a disappointment.
Remind me again, who’s the one losing? Seems to me I’m the only one who kept moving.
The sickness you carry won’t be mended by simplicity or time.
As I should know, I cured your poison from my thoughts below.
Bloodletting, you’ve lost your power. Bled myself a crimson tower.
The only reason I stand above is I’ve found a way to carry love.
I’ve built my life from the ashes. The words you shout don’t gain much traction.
I’m a human being that deserves better. You’ve lost all control, those ties are severed.

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