I fought your bitterness with contempt.
And in the end, the result looks like me.
I wanted to drown in it all.
Those captivating lows, those dizzying highs.
I walked along and praised the stars.
But found none greater than I.
Now, I know how I’m thinking.
Know how I’m breathing.
At times, sleepless and lonely.
Belonging, if only.
So I stole the dream I thought I needed.
Made everyone characters in the backdrop.
Set the stage to the tune of my rage.
Not just once did my heart stop.
Skipping beats, like memories forgotten.
Maybe you’ve forgotten me.
I used to despise this fact.
Carved up my own life.
I didn’t know how to act.
When you ended your life.
I took heed and ran.
The man I thought I knew
wasn’t really a man.
And the boy who learned how to fly
hasn’t yet learned how to die.

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