I have a universe beneath my skin.
A rib cage harboring panic and love.
Self-fulfilling, self-defeating prophecy.
I never believed I could find my way up above.
When the down below murders its way in.
Attacking whatever was a sure thing.
I was supposed to be something more.
But I’ve been out of touch. I’ve been out of sync.
A broken record caught on a broken repeat.
Stuck out my hands, I’m not asking for much.
Nothing but enough time to get things right.
To reach out and find sleep’s sweet touch.
And I can’t shake that awful burn.
The hurt I cling to, the only certain thing.
Burned down twice, what more is a third?
My unsound heart resting on a string.
There’s mania I thought didn’t exist.
Dug up from its tomb in the dirt.
To encompass my entire world.
To keep the light behind my eyes blurred.
Am I not stable enough?
Am I not loved enough?
The person I thought I knew,
let the madness run above.
I’ve been burning, you’ve been searching.
I’ve been begging, you’ve been pleading.
I traded away all my love for dust.
My veins can’t afford this steady bleeding.
Small fingers tracing smaller track marks.
Once believing they were paths back to peace.
But the sincere lie is that there never was.
Memories survive time like permanent antiques.

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