This is not how I pictured it. Never thought I would end up here.
I used to feel so intricate. A small life with just a touch of fear.
All portraits of past sorrows. The severe winds that carried us.
Drifting souls gravitating towards sincerity and glow, we trust.
I fell asleep under the sun and woke up to the moon.
Made a bed of leaves, tried smothering all the wounds.
I’ve questioned the entirety of a tired life. Have I lost it all?
Do you feel my nothing? How much trauma do we recall?
I’m convinced I hid my shaking hands. Black gives way to blue.
In that moment, we could’ve died. Forget that our hearts are bruised.
Watched my mentality leave out the stained glass window of hope.
You drank from the pool of salvation. I starved myself enough to cope.
There are things I should’ve said sooner. You smell like home.
You keep my heart warm. A grace I had never known.
Reaching hands finding their place. I beg for a pause in time.
I breathe in the pockets of these seconds. I swim in your eyes.
No matter the cold outside the door, we stay stuck entwined.
I remember what it was like to fall in love with your design.
Without enough days, you’re with me like you’ve always been.
But I wonder what it would be like to first meet you again.
A different time before dusk. My guilty, red hands cleaned.
Rising above the clouds for change, I fell into your color scheme.
Craving that connection, I believed in a lovely end from the start.
Page by page, I get lost in the story of attentive hearts.
I disappeared into the woods but I’ll find my way through.
Day by day, I’ll follow the path that leads to you.

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