Drag Your Feet

Wherever you go, let me find you there.
Whether it be between the cracks in the pavement.
Or in the love that we once shared.
I remember you like I remember myself.
You’ve been breathing me in
But the absence is known so well.
We keep threading the needle but missing the stitches.
Searching for answers while we’re burning down bridges.
Worlds away but at times it felt like inches.
What happens to our essence when it’s all malicious?
I got tied up in insignificant promises.
I felt that shift in me, wore it on my face.
If I shake too much, will you feel the decay?
The heart hangs heavy with too much to voice.
Upright into the fire, we can block out the noise.
You lay captive to a circumstance.
You reach out but I can’t find your hands.
I wish there was something I could say.
Something to lift this weight away.
I wish there was something I could do.
Something I can dig myself into.
But will my touch erode to dust?
Or will my footsteps linger and adjust?
With all the moments you thought you had,
Time is never enough.

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