Fever Sleep

All we carry is on our backs.
Cars crashing into each other lives.
We leave the same way we came in.
Smother all those cracks we have inside.
I wish I could bottle up your fears.
Swallow them whole, every last dread.
Help you feel intact again.
With every last word I’ve ever said.
Like the pieces of you aren’t falling out.
Onto the ground, a shaking encore.
There’s no standing ovation.
No misery we can’t afford.
I thought I figured this out.
But I simply misplaced my hate.
With every last memory of grief.
What complexes we create.
Try to speak my love into existence.
Praying to a god I don’t believe in.
That this warmth will find you.
Permeate deeper than your skin.
The picture you painted isn’t broken.
It only longs for a new frame.
I want you to love and love and love
until there’s no hurt left to remain.

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