Acid Rain

I’ve been searching for a new skin.
These pieces of me keep falling out.
And I’ve been trying, I’ve been trying
to stuff them back down.
Put them in their rightful places.
All I see are these empty spaces.
But the parts of me I think I’ve lost,
they just don’t fit the same.
I stay out of frame.
We’re empty and we don’t know why.
Does the devil let you wear its mask?
Does it cover up all you think you lack?
It’s not that simple hiding away.
One life bleeds its ink
over the pages it tries to protect.
It’s not worth it, it’s not worth it.
Where has all the love gone?
Dried up with the tears you used to spare.
I guess it doesn’t matter when we are
the ones who shift our lives to despair.
Don’t use righteousness to soften the blow.
We fall when we fall, summers ago.

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