You built a home in your rib cage.
The heart I was meant to protect.
Found myself trying to fill the space.
With all the things I meant to neglect.
Beneath layers of skin grown too thin.
Sleep all the untouchable parts.
Hanging off of delicate limbs.
Words that were whittled too sharp.
To see you is to still be stunned.
Gold stippling painted inside your eyes.
Becoming alive in the sun.
But falling to rest every night.
Teeth marks settle in on red lips.
When your musing over every thought.
Did you forget all of your tricks
With all the love that you brought?
We spill all of our lies with our hands.
The remedy of not wanting to be heard.
A twisted sign language only we understand.
The dust settled on high shelves undisturbed.
An oversight outmatched by time.
I don’t know how we got here.
But I meet you at the great divide.
And like a perfect vision you appear.
The friend I found underneath these bones.
Matters more than the hurt life inflicts.
No matter where your feet may roam.
Just know that you are where I exist.

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