I speak out of character, I think out of turn
To find when my mind’s awake, my soul still sleeps
But I’ve always felt restless
Can’t let my bones breathe, they’ll gather rust
A youthful fear that I can’t suppress
Wouldn’t let my voice speak, always hushed
I did everything, everything just to clean me out
I move in a direction that I forgot the reason to
And at the end all I see are empty faces
Eyelids drawn to hide what’s been through
I’m wasting my life, becoming outdated
The more time passes, the less I understand
Waiting to see what has me so jaded
Is it the hurry or the hurt that must be damned
I prefer my future resting in open hands
And no, I don’t know if I miss this yet
I chose smothering my purpose
Thanks to imagining empty threats
Letting ink clear out my veins
We’re all dying for a clearer view
I watched the black cave in and pour out
I’d rather sink in memories of you
Of all the fear that holds me back
My greatest is never getting to learn
The difference between running
And watching it all burn

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