From sky to earth, my defenses crumble
Broken bricks hiding their hollowness
An ode to man’s mortal failing
Is it just me or when did I become a man
Youthful, long night drives
Time used to feel fine like sand
Whispering through trees
Dancing, slipping through my hands
Your hair got caught in the branches
Thirty-eight days have passed
These memories come back in flashes
Mixing of black and blue, nothing left to prove
Take me back to a time when things were stranger
I was a stranger, even more of a danger
Not because I miss the chaos
I simply just miss
Missing, wishing, outstretched hands
Reversed roots creeping towards heaven
If I could feel one more time
Let me learn a different lesson
My narrow world narrowing further
From vacant walls to small cracks in the floor
There’s a stillness I can’t place
A quiet my ears can’t erase
The type of quiet that steals your soul
Sends biting frost to chill your bones
Like a deer listening for the hunter’s bow
Moments pass, leaves fall, you lay to rest
No, this quiet, I beg I didn’t know

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