Anticipation leading towards the edge of a cliff
Down to the deeper valleys of what we don’t know
Careening off the mouth of the beast
Lost in all senses, stuck in disbelief
Where was the sun when every cloud came down
The sky is falling, the sky is burning
And we’re all just fading now
Laid to die in this canyon
My back is starting to grow roots
The rain doesn’t wash away
Only puddles around me
And I’m starting to like how it feels
All the landslides bury my complexities
What other good could I be
It’s in the simplicity of grief I found
Myself, maybe even god
The lower I get, the more alive I’ve felt
Swallowed by the earth, let it bring me to hell
Too little, too late, that’s what they’ll say
My love was misplaced as my heart was erased
Eroded by salt water you chose to drink
We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll die as we sink


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