Below Zero


I felt you if but for a moment
Although brief, it was real
As tangible as the ghosts we once felt
Lofty ideas with a touch of despair
Not without its jet black stains
I bit down on the bullet until it left me sane
Fracture my jaw, I’d rather not speak
About all the things that make me weak
If this is what reality is, I want no part of it
If this is what insanity is, feed me to the wolves
Built by crippled hands, love was given its shape
Everything we think we know, we don’t, we don’t
Nothing will wash away the damage done
And in this truth is where I feel I am bound
To the ugliness and the beautiful sounds
Intricate lines inked in black
You are everything I have lacked
Inevitably drawn like an insect to light
Emptiness is as complete as closure
So why do I long for more
To sit in between three extremes
A rock, a hard place, and you
Lay waste to what’s left
Deliver a final blow for mercy
A broken heart that froze to death
We’ve lost sleep like we’ve lost friends
Too many hours lost finding a means to an end
And what if it was all for naught
The forgettable messes we make
With my hands all I’ve created is empty space
Collapsing, unveiling, alive but damned
Forever this forgettable mess I am



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