Bone Collector

I have never thought that the blood we spill
Was thicker than the walls we build
Until fate chooses to guide my eyes a different direction
All I see is red
And thank god it’s only water that separates you from me
But that decay passed on just the same
The disease that holds your mind hostage
Still carries its weight within me
And I sank like a rock with no home
Countless times I tried retracing lines
All in different directions
Only to have them snap back into the same shape
My memory is too clear to see anything else
You got drunk off of your own self-importance
Pride, the liquor of choice
For weak men who rot from the inside
Spill your guts like your hatred
Spew your words like knives
Perpetual violence, the rest suffer in silence
I want penance, not an even trade
I want to tip the scales until I am saved
Erode my heart, build the perfect machine
Because the one left with empathy is the one who leaves
All I see is red, all I see is red
An accumulation of broken things
Is this how it all ends
No quarter given, no winner, no end
It begins and ends with me
To give in and let go
Dying limbs chopped off at their base
Uprooted from insanity that built a house
But not a home
Tear it all down, from every stud to stone
Build something that lasts
Fill my soul like an ocean
Surrender and collapse


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