one life bleeds into another
the different masks i wear find each other
now all transparent
i stand at the precipice of what created man
no god, no devils, just us
at the end of our rope
a blinding perspective
we’re all alone
everything i thought i was
slipped through my fingers
and fell like rotten petals
does my love still linger
carve out my blood to spite my heart
past lives planted in graves unmarked
losing comfort in parts of me that died
digging my hands into old wounds
where does my body hides its lies
does my soul speak its truth
i feel so fake
bargaining through clenched jaws
i won’t make peace in this hell
i’ll learn to love all these flaws
history be damned
i am all that i am
a culmination of frozen images
old ghosts of memories
haunting a complicated vessel
floating in my own reverie
forever all that i am


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