New Breath

Even at my worst, I tried making all the wrongs seem right
But I became transparent when lifted towards the light
A fraud, a false sense of self worth
I’m no more better than I dreamed of
The taste, touch, feeling sweet muted words
Shut down behind gated lips
A beautiful passion that savors as much as it sickens
I let the fruits of my labor rot in the pit of my stomach
Dead in the shadow, disfigured beyond recognition
They’ll rot until they burn ulcers through my inclination
And I’ll revel in all of the glory
That I was once alive with just a story
But all tales are rooted in tragedy
Meant to come together and distort reality
For the scales demand balance
And I demand victory
Something or someone to conquer
Leaving behind my greatest adversary, me

I spent too much time above the earth
Before I hit the ground
Star crossed and weary eyed
I only craved a sense of belonging
To something, to someone, to god, as one
Slipping through cracks of true existence
Is it delusion that keeps me studying
The same damn barricade that separated me from me
And herein lies the real paradox
Will I ever love as much I’ve hated
What happens when one outweighs the other
I used to have such small bones
Tiny hands stretching towards the glowing light
The parallels I will soon feel
Now it’s my hands that will have tears wiped
I cannot stop the world from harming you
And that powerlessness might kill me
But I promise to never let you become uncrowned
Because it’s not me who’s searching anymore
For growing inside of you, its love I have found


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