You were standing right in front of me
A vision of disturbing familiarity
I alone was anointed with this prophecy
To be enlightened, recalling ex lives
Past existences are small hints of light
Twinges of deep longing, gone before grasping
Former living things, vacancy paints our faces
Dead lights dimming, collecting more empty pages
All good drugs are used before they’re remembered
Leaving behind ghosts worth forgetting
Wrought with a sense of purpose
Beyond what my reach is letting me take
Haze brings it’s shadows, showering death with praise
Overconfidence breeds self-obsession
Stepping out to become part of a collection
Terminally unique, manic to the point of dissatisfaction
I am the wolf that stalks it’s prey
To the brink of fear and not beyond
Part of a world easily led astray
I am hidden in everything I do, a facade
Fire and water become tomb and coffin
I flew too close to the sun and sank in the ocean
Good intentions are simply too much ambition
Everything I wanted, I didn’t
And everything I needed, I couldn’t
Too low or too high, every part of me dies
The lie is that I needed more than what I was given
These gifts become stranger than my condition
The cancer that is my nature, never in remission


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