Black Light

There’s one thing that binds us together
Tragedy paints our souls the same color
I dreamed of one last dance with you
To sing our song to each other
Time is of the essence but easily forgotten
And when you get older, it doesn’t heal all wounds
Hold me up darling, get the needle and thread
Stitch my pieces back up, together again
They said I spilled my guts in that church
I can’t hold it in, I never did learn
There’s been a silence that’s deadening
A void that’s beckoning
I’ve found no more use in pretending
I’ve never felt more alone
Load up your shotguns with kind words and gestures
Take aim and shoot straight through
A phantom heart, empty rib cage
While the pages we left unwritten fade away
Tragedy paints our souls the same color
But all I see is this same black light
Crashing through my head


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