About Me

I’m a recovering addict who loves to write. Since my childhood I’ve written a lot of poetry. It’s been the easiest way for me to express myself. I’ve picked up various forms of art over time but writing always seems to be the one that sticks. On this site you will find traditional poetry, stories of my recovery/addiction, articles about certain thoughts, and a form of poetry I call ranting. The ranting poems are usually longer with not much editing. These tend to be my favorite because I just let the words flow out whenever a spark of creativity comes. Hence, this is where I got the name Thought Flow.

A lot of people want to know personal things about my addiction. Like what drugs I used and how bad it got. Well, I don’t like sharing “war stories.” The main points are that I used drugs for a long time, it was extremely progressive and destructive, and I found recovery through treatment and sticking with a program of recovery. My recovery is the most important thing in my life and gets put first before everything. I also deal with depression and anxiety. Whether that was present before or manifested after my addiction, it doesn’t matter. My mental health is something I take very seriously and have taken steps to help myself with it.

Overall, my only hope with this blog is connect with people through my experience, strength, and hope. So if you do enjoy reading, feel free to leave some feedback. Let’s share some love. Thank you!