Silence amplified A light goes out across the state The last it'll ever see Breathing in cigarette smoke Still cleaner than the air No tears, no sorrow, nothing The emptiness of one's own truth Surrounded by lies Strung out city lights black out the sky No point in looking north No point at all One … Continue reading Permanent



My memory will fade like sun-beaten window stickers Barely legible but somehow still in attendance Lurking, twisting, peeling Peeling back layers upon layers of skin Scar tissue from way back when I thought what I thought I could handle Panic attacks breaking glass in the back of my head And I wait, oh, how I … Continue reading Stranger


From sky to earth, my defenses crumble Broken bricks hiding their hollowness An ode to man's mortal failing Is it just me or when did I become a man Youthful, long night drives Time used to feel fine like sand Whispering through trees Dancing, slipping through my hands Your hair got caught in the branches … Continue reading Apnea