Salt and Smoke

Look into the eyes of god Windows to the bold You are a wildfire As good as gold Belonging to the flowers Sparked by your own modesty I have so few dreams And you, far too many A punch in the gut A kick in the teeth What do you do When you think of … Continue reading Salt and Smoke


From sky to earth, my defenses crumble Broken bricks hiding their hollowness An ode to man's mortal failing Is it just me or when did I become a man Youthful, long night drives Time used to feel fine like sand Whispering through trees Dancing, slipping through my hands Your hair got caught in the branches … Continue reading Apnea

Drag Your Feet

Wherever you go, let me find you there.Whether it be between the cracks in the pavement.Or in the love that we once shared.I remember you like I remember myself.You've been breathing me inBut the absence is known so well.We keep threading the needle but missing the stitches.Searching for answers while we're burning down bridges.Worlds away … Continue reading Drag Your Feet