Fever Sleep

All we carry is on our backs.Cars crashing into each other lives.We leave the same way we came in.Smother all those cracks we have inside.I wish I could bottle up your fears.Swallow them whole, every last dread.Help you feel intact again.With every last word I've ever said.Like the pieces of you aren't falling out.Onto the … Continue reading Fever Sleep

Drag Your Feet

Wherever you go, let me find you there.Whether it be between the cracks in the pavement.Or in the love that we once shared.I remember you like I remember myself.You've been breathing me inBut the absence is known so well.We keep threading the needle but missing the stitches.Searching for answers while we're burning down bridges.Worlds away … Continue reading Drag Your Feet


I have a universe beneath my skin. A rib cage harboring panic and love. Self-fulfilling, self-defeating prophecy. I never believed I could find my way up above. When the down below murders its way in. Attacking whatever was a sure thing. I was supposed to be something more. But I've been out of touch. I've … Continue reading Haunt