Anticipation leading towards the edge of a cliff Down to the deeper valleys of what we don't know Careening off the mouth of the beast Lost in all senses, stuck in disbelief Where was the sun when every cloud came down The sky is falling, the sky is burning And we're all just fading now … Continue reading Retrograde

Sinking Season

I feel myself starting to unravel. Losing hope and finding nothing in return. I'm going to need back the things you stole. Some lungs to breathe and the thoughts that kept me whole. I'm willing to grasp at any sort of substance, anything worth its salt.  I'd even take back the imaginary belief that I … Continue reading Sinking Season


As our feet fumble to find their footing, we get out of bed today. Not hopping, not skipping, not jumping to make that morning coffee. We check to see if the sun still rose, like everyone on social media said it would. It did. Much to our dismay. The dark days sometime seem more comforting … Continue reading Gravity


Everything begins with some sort of purpose or so I've come to believe. Whether I was born with my disease or it's a manifestation of my youth, my life was ignited with a wildfire. Burning down everything the flames licked. What started out as entertainment led to the confinement of my being. What began as … Continue reading Depth