I am encased in light and warmth. Untouched by grace and yet, still saved. The land of milk and honey has escaped my grasp. But in return my hands no longer shake. Gone are the false sentiments I chose to believe in. Tipping the scales in my favor, I'll give it all away. I promise. … Continue reading Steady


We sat on the concrete of your basement floor. The silent conversation making waves across our fragile skin. You longed to feel that rush, I longed to feel anything at all. Staring into the eyes of someone old, face to face with new habits. It wasn't the cold making us shiver. We learned that the … Continue reading Thin


Thorns take the places of roses and I can't stop gripping the stems. Ripping, pulling flowers from their rooted places. If I can't find a place to lay low, then neither can they. Sooner or later this place becomes fruitless and barren. People first become objects, then nothing. I remember singing songs along this path. … Continue reading Lovedrug