Revive me so I can once again breathe. I keep going to sleep restless, keep waking up alive but not without sacrifice. I remember when you told me you couldn't stay to watch me burn. What does it feel like to leave someone you love? Because I can't seem to shut any door that leads … Continue reading Wither


Thorns take the places of roses and I can't stop gripping the stems. Ripping, pulling flowers from their rooted places. If I can't find a place to lay low, then neither can they. Sooner or later this place becomes fruitless and barren. People first become objects, then nothing. I remember singing songs along this path. … Continue reading Lovedrug


You're mistaken if you think these stitches will hold us together. I was born to fly, always running to die. I speak of death like it means nothing to me. But it means everything. The disconnection between my thoughts and what I see. I've never been afraid to die, and that's what scares me the … Continue reading Transcend