one life bleeds into another the different masks i wear find each other now all transparent i stand at the precipice of what created man no god, no devils, just us at the end of our rope a blinding perspective we're all alone everything i thought i was slipped through my fingers and fell like … Continue reading Portrait

My Thoughts Lately

As much as I love to write my own brand of poetry, I wanted to take a few minutes to outline the thoughts that have been in my head lately. Now, in no way do I declare that I am right about everything listed. For me, some of these things are just a reminder to … Continue reading My Thoughts Lately


Thorns take the places of roses and I can't stop gripping the stems. Ripping, pulling flowers from their rooted places. If I can't find a place to lay low, then neither can they. Sooner or later this place becomes fruitless and barren. People first become objects, then nothing. I remember singing songs along this path. … Continue reading Lovedrug