Now I've been beaten, broken and shattered. Tattered these clothes off my limbs. Broke my neck on the fall down from abyss to more abyss. But these things have a way of changing don't they? Like looking through a kaleidoscope just less colorful and more gray. These words have a way of repeating themselves. It's like I snatch them … Continue reading Trust


You're mistaken if you think these stitches will hold us together. I was born to fly, always running to die. I speak of death like it means nothing to me. But it means everything. The disconnection between my thoughts and what I see. I've never been afraid to die, and that's what scares me the … Continue reading Transcend

Tell the World I’m Awake: A Memoir of Recovery

"I think a spiritual journey is not so much a journey of discovery. It's a journey of recovery. It's a journey of uncovering your own inner nature. It's already there." -Billy Corgan Woke up chasing feelings as fleeting as my dreams. Like a well running dry, my spirit is broken. All the while I'm counting … Continue reading Tell the World I’m Awake: A Memoir of Recovery


Photo taken by Laura Makabresku  Where do I begin and where did you end? I've been thinking that the way I handled our love was all wrong. And I'm not the man I thought I was. Maybe I am now, but not then. I would like to say that Cupid had armor-piercing arrows to get … Continue reading Kept