I've cleaned out every closet but left yours untouched. Been feeling this lately, so let the low tones carry me down. To the floor, I don't even know anymore. Direction doesn't matter when you have none. We promised to bury parts of us to savor the memories. I never let go and kept them clutched … Continue reading Passage


Revive me so I can once again breathe. I keep going to sleep restless, keep waking up alive but not without sacrifice. I remember when you told me you couldn't stay to watch me burn. What does it feel like to leave someone you love? Because I can't seem to shut any door that leads … Continue reading Wither


Now I've been beaten, broken and shattered. Tattered these clothes off my limbs. Broke my neck on the fall down from abyss to more abyss. But these things have a way of changing don't they? Like looking through a kaleidoscope just less colorful and more gray. These words have a way of repeating themselves. It's like I snatch them … Continue reading Trust


You're mistaken if you think these stitches will hold us together. I was born to fly, always running to die. I speak of death like it means nothing to me. But it means everything. The disconnection between my thoughts and what I see. I've never been afraid to die, and that's what scares me the … Continue reading Transcend