Broken Things

Cigarette burns on the carpet. I've been stuck, staring at the ceiling again. I feel you in between the studs in the walls. The voices keep raising the price on my head. I watched you rise like a statue out of reality. To come and focus your weight onto me. A weight I would proudly … Continue reading Broken Things


This is not how I pictured it. Never thought I would end up here. I used to feel so intricate. A small life with just a touch of fear. All portraits of past sorrows. The severe winds that carried us. Drifting souls gravitating towards sincerity and glow, we trust. I fell asleep under the sun … Continue reading Tether


I have a universe beneath my skin. A rib cage harboring panic and love. Self-fulfilling, self-defeating prophecy. I never believed I could find my way up above. When the down below murders its way in. Attacking whatever was a sure thing. I was supposed to be something more. But I've been out of touch. I've … Continue reading Haunt


My thoughts have been so elusive. Endlessly searching for some type of belonging. The damaged child grew into a broken man. With pieces missing, whole happiness stolen away. The slow hum of time has latched on to my sanity. Drawing out the thoughts that I am not enough. That I've never been, never will be. … Continue reading Stray