My memory will fade like sun-beaten window stickers
Barely legible but somehow still in attendance
Lurking, twisting, peeling
Peeling back layers upon layers of skin
Scar tissue from way back when
I thought what I thought I could handle
Panic attacks breaking glass in the back of my head
And I wait, oh, how I wait for the shatter
Sanity strained, reality strangled
Caught staring into pools of darkness
Each one deeper than the last
I never cared for the ocean
Could never love anything so vast
Like understanding the depth of your soul
Tricked into believing I had any control
Muscles tense, mind stuck in past tense
These bones don’t feel like my own
Knocking together like rocks
Rocking back and forth to regain warmth
Awakening from sleep, mind and heart go to war
How far do you go when seeking the truth
Been content feeling discontent
Rest when I’m dead, reset right here
Too far out for a change in course
Unless, of course, you are near
Days in, days out
Breathing in and believing doubt
Sweat soaked sheets, my head still pounding
Bound together feet to continue drowning
Borrowing tomorrow’s sleep, digging in deep
I walk the tip of a knife he well feared
Careful in my approach
And there, on that edge, is where I awoke

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