Salt and Smoke

Look into the eyes of god
Windows to the bold
You are a wildfire
As good as gold
Belonging to the flowers
Sparked by your own modesty
I have so few dreams
And you, far too many
A punch in the gut
A kick in the teeth
What do you do
When you think of me
The love we seek
Ties into the pain we feel
The lies we compose
Clouded under thin, white veils
Like quick draws of smoke
Streaming out the end of your barrel
It’s the bullets we, ourselves, pressed
That do the most damage
Confusion, musing over our past remedies
How do you fix what you can’t see
Patching holes with mud
Dirt we bathed in blood
Enough is enough is enough
And yet I still want to go
Where the light never reaches
To uncover fractions of me
That have broken into pieces
These burdens are a gift
But are we really free
I know the parts of you
That the world doesn’t see

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